recipefox 0.35

Grab recipes while you're surfing the net


  • Lots of configuration options
  • Good online help
  • Can add own sources/recipes


  • More advanced settings need guidance
  • Text exports aren't very sophisticated


If you love cooking, you probably enjoy browsing the net for new recipes. If you do, then Recipefox is the app for you!

Recipefox is a Firefox add-on that allows you to 'grab' recipes from various sources around the internet and export them, either to a text file or already formatted for Living Cookbook, Mastercook or Meal Master. When you find a recipe, you simply highlight the different parts - title, description, ingredients, etc. - and select the corresponding category from the drop-down list in the Recipefox toolbar.

The recipe will appear in the sidebar where you can edit and export. Recipefox has a surprising number of configuration options for an add-on, and you can specify everything from where the app should export the recipes to how to display measurements. Recipefox will detect whether or not you have Living Cookbook, Mastercook or Meal Master installed and warns you if you accidentally select the wrong one.

The Recipefox toolbar is quite discreet, but it cannot be disabled, as you need it to enter new recipes. Show the Sites brings up a selection of pre-chosen sites from which you can grab entire recipes, without specifying the different parts. You can modify this list, adding and deleting, although there are some slightly more advanced grabbing specifications that you'll have to get to grips with first.

Recipefox is a fun addition for cooking fans, especially those who already use recipe software.



recipefox 0.35

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